GO! Group


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George Jackson

8:00 am

Rooom 305

The GO! Group is a small group of adults deeply committed to our Lord Jesus Christ and to each other. Together we plumb the depths of Scripture to find the presence of Jesus from the first Word (Genesis 1:1) to the last (Revelation 22:20). Learning a little Hebrew along the way, we have seen one theme repeated over and over in Scripture: everything was created by Jesus and for His glory (Colossians 1:16). Beginning with the Old Testament, we continue to discover anew that all Scripture is about Jesus (Luke 24: 27).

We have plenty of room in our class and in our hearts for you. If you would like to study Scripture in great depth, come for a visit and stay for a lifetime. We would love to travel this journey with you. Come GO! with us.

We are continuing our study of Devarim, more commonly known as Deuteronomy. Here we study the last words of Moses to the Israelites before his death, as the Israelites prepare to cross the Jordan River to take possession of the land promised to them by God in partial fulfillment of the covenant that is ultimately fulfilled in the coming of the Messiah.