We believe that the Church is God’s instrument to CARE for people as they really are, in all the unique ways God has created each person as an individual, and in all the difficult ways that brokenness, doubt, and frustration has come to bear on his or her story.

It’s interesting that the gospel writer John records a brief conversation as Jesus is on the cross, just before He dies. As He looks down at His mother and John, His disciple in these his final moments, He says, “Woman, behold your son!” Then to John He says, “Behold your mother.” What is Jesus doing? He is telling them, and telling us, that as the people who are shaped by the cross, we are called to care for one another as family members in the midst of our joy and our grief.

We do not care for one another perfectly here at PCPC, and yet, God is at work in our struggle, to help us do so more faithfully, in the name of Jesus.