In the book of Ephesians, the Apostle Paul describes the church not as an event, not as a building, not as a thing we go to once a week, but the vibrant community of the people of God. A people who met together, who shared one another’s burdens, who actually knew one another beyond a surface level. That’s why we at Park Cities Presbyterian Church believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ transforms us not simply as individuals but within the context of community.

Now community is a buzzword in our culture. There are many people in the city of Dallas who say that they have community whether in their social circles or through work, but are left feeling lonely and wanting more. This is why we at PCPC believe that church is a different kind of community altogether. It’s truly a place where people authentically know one another and share one another’s burdens. They are not worried about the pretenses that come along with our culture.

At PCPC, we desire for you to connect to the people of our church. There are a variety of ways in which you can do this ranging from our weekly Bible studies, to joining a Sunday morning community, to joining a small group. We invite you to not simply attend Park Cities Presbyterian Church, but to connect to the people of this church and participate in the community of the people of God.