Men's Care Ministry

What’s It About?

The purpose of the Men’s Care Ministry is to help men connect theological concepts with the day-to-day challenges faced in the hearts of men. We provide opportunities for men to develop and expand a deeper spiritual life, build community with others, increase one’s capacity for the honesty needed to walk in the light, and deepen personal and private integrity.

Join A Group

The Men’s Care Ministry offers the following scripturally focused groups. Group sessions are open and closed and utilize a variety of interaction models.

Men’s Integrity Groups
Men’s Integrity Groups assist men in their journey of experiencing deepening integrity and healing in areas of sexual brokenness. Weekly group sessions are closed. The program is completed in 15 weeks, and a 15-week commitment is required to participate. The curriculum utilized is Sexual Sanity for Men by David White, published by Harvest USA. Groups are led and facilitated by previous program graduates and focus on the range of sexual brokenness that crosses all of our lives. Men’s Integrity groups will begin in September.

For more information, contact Thom Maryon or Pat Hobin,

Spiritual Life of A Man (SLAM)
SLAM sessions are for men searching for deeper reality in their spiritual lives by being in community with other men on their journey to experience integrity in various areas. The group also provides a space for men waiting to begin an upcoming Integrity group or who have recently completed an Integrity group and desire the ongoing benefits of community. Group sessions are open. Meetings are available throughout the week and include both face-to-face and Zoom options. Attendance commitments are not required for group participation.

Discussions include seeking deeper intimacy with Jesus, growing in personal integrity and holiness within an accountable and transparent community, and learning to live above temptation, life struggles, and disappointments. Open sessions include personal sharing with practical life application. Groups are led by experienced facilitators and previous Integrity Group graduates.

For more information, contact Thom Maryon or Pat Hobin,

One-on-One Mentoring

SLAM mentors are here for you. Often a journey needs to be taken with a guide. Mentoring sessions can be arranged, and time commitments are based on the journey. Multiple or single sessions can be scheduled. Frequency and duration are flexible.

For more information, contact Thom Maryon or Pat Hobin,