West Africa

Business as Mission in West Africa

If you were asked to name the region (excluding the US) in the world with the most PCPC church plants, would you guess West Africa?

As a result of the relationship with the local church in West Africa and evidence of the success of an existing business training/micro loan program in Africa, PCPC is looking to utilize the business experience, expertise, and knowledge of PCPC members to help teach local Christians how to start a new business or grow an existing business (teaching them to fish rather than just giving free handouts). These entrepreneurs will go through three separate one week training sessions covering various business principles, examine what it means to use a business for His Kingdom, create a business plan, and receive a micro loan to execute their business plan upon graduation.

This enables a Christian in a 95%+ Muslim country to provide for the physical needs of his/her family, to tithe/give more to the church and local ministry opportunities (making the church self-sustaining), and contribute to the growth of the church by drawing non-believers to Christ through business interactions. We invite you to allow the Lord to use you and your talents in this endeavor.


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