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Brett and Taylor Rayl

Brett and Taylor Rayl


Sending Agency:
Mission to the World
Christ Bible Institute

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Prayer Requests:

  • As the Japanese calendar begins in April for schools and businesses, pray for us in this new season of ministry in light of the pandemic.
  • Pray for Christ Bible Seminary Extension Project where we will welcome new students, offer a new satellite course, and a new evening course in April.
  • Pray for our children, Paton, Lily, & Ry, as we enter a new year. Ry is turning 2, Lily is officially pre-school age, and Paton will begin second grade.
  • Pray for Brett in a busy time of year; for him to remain abiding in relationship with Christ as he balances work.
  • Pray for Taylor. By God’s grace we have found a thyroid clinic that can treat her, but we are still early in making the transition to Japanese medical care.

Brett and Taylor Rayl - Ministry in Japan