Interfaith Housing Coalition


The mission of Interfaith Housing Coalition is to be the hands of Christ helping families transition to self-sufficiency and new hope. Our vision is that every child, every night, will have a home and a hope for the future. The comprehensive Interfaith program provides many layers of support to help families transform their lives with systemic, enduring changes and to significantly improve their stability and quality of life.

Helpers are needed to:

  • Assist in the summer children’s area (day or evening).
  • Be a co-partner to help residents with budgeting and finances on Tuesday or Thursday nights
  • Be a good neighbor to the residents (develop relationships with a family)
  • Prepare apartments for families assigned and ready to move in (personalizing the apartment with correct number of beds, toys for kids, linens, and toiletries; and supplying one week’s worth of groceries). Flexible schedule needed.

Contact Urban Missions for more information at [email protected].