H.I.S. Bridge Builders

Mission Statement:

HIS BridgeBuilders is an urban missionary organization that mobilizes the Body of Christ to alleviate poverty and promote flourishing communities in our city.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Restoration Saturday - Serve the City of Dallas through a variety of community restoration projects, including home repairs, urban farming, and community beautification. There is something for everyone to do, and they welcome people of all skill levels. Put on some comfortable clothes and join us at Bonton Farms. More info here.
  • Mentoring Job Training Students - Walk with a job training student for an hour a week during a 5-week employment training class.
  • Crossover Athletics (youth sports programs) - Opportunities for coaches (football in fall), team “parents,” & mentors.
  • “Buy a Lunch, Feed a Bunch” - Provide a lunch for 15-30 job training students & their mentors.

Contact Urban Missions for more information at [email protected].