Park Cities Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Dallas, TX

Advent Memorial Service

Advent Memorial Service 2020

This service replaces our usual Vespers service and offers an opportunity for those grieving the loss of loved ones to remember them while worshiping through prayer, song, and the reading of God's Word.

During the service, there will be a time when the names of the loved ones lost this year can be read aloud by one of our pastors and a candle lit in their memory. Participating in this part of the service is entirely up to you, so if you would like their name read, please arrive by 5:00 p.m. to record their name.

Date & Time

Wednesday, December 15
5:30 p.m.


Main Church Building
4124 Oak Lawn Avenue
Dallas, TX 75219

Southeast corner of Oak Lawn Avenue and Wycliff Avenue


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