Home Worship Guide (FAQ's)


This page is to help you get started worshipping in your home. For more ideas and in-depth resources, be sure to check out pcpc.org. The site is under development, so keeping checking back for new updates!

Q: What is home worship?

Home worship is time set aside to love, adore, and enjoy our Heavenly Father in our homes and with our families.

Q: Who is home worship for?

Everyone! If you belong to Christ, He wants you to know the joy of spending time with Him daily. Home worship is for children, parents, couples, singles, grandparents, empty-nesters, anyone who is a child of the King!

Q: When and where should we have home worship?

Do your best to schedule a regular time. Make it part of your routine. That way, everyone who participates will know when it is supposed to happen. Some good times are:

  • First thing in the morning right after breakfast.
  • At the dinner table immediately following the meal.
  • Right before bedtime.

If you are just beginning to try home worship, try this once or twice a week. If you already are doing it once or twice a week, try to increase the frequency. Ultimately, you will enjoy your Heavenly Father the most when you spend the most time with Him! Resources for daily worship will be available at here.

Q: How do we do home worship?

Every week, the Sunday morning worship bulletin at PCPC will have an order of worship for the home to help guide you. Home worship is simply an extension and simplification of what happens in corporate worship every Sunday morning. Use your experience on Sunday mornings to guide you in worshipping at home. The elements of worship taken from Sunday mornings into the home are praise, prayer, and reading and learning the scriptures. Here is the basic outline of what is suggested at PCPC:

Read some verses from a Psalm of praise (such as 100, 150, 8, 96, 98) Sing or say the Doxology together Read a scripture passage Have a brief sharing time or discussion Pray together Sing another song or hymn together

If your family is able, singing is encouraged. If not, no big deal! Be flexible in adapting this guide to suit your family situation. Home worship also offers the opportunity to ask questions, give prayer requests, and have discussion in ways which do not happen in corporate worship.

Q: How long should it take?

No more than 10 or 15 minutes. If your family loves to go longer, then go longer!

Q: How do I deal with wiggly children?

Make parts of home worship wiggly! Move while you are singing, act out the scripture reading, ask the discussion questions while taking a family walk. Be creative and your children will love it. Be sure to teach the discipline of listening. For more ideas for families with young children, visit our creative tips page.