Daily Prayer Guide


In addition to saying the Lord’s Prayer together as a family, the following may be used as a guide for family or individual prayer.

Monday: Pray for one another. What’s happening this week? Any sickness? Problems? If you’re able, share with one another some area in your life where God wants you to grow. Confess sins to one another.

Tuesday: Pray for your relatives and friends.

Wednesday: Pray for those in authority: President Obama, government officials, local leaders, teachers at school.

Thursday: Pray for people you know who don’t know Jesus.

Friday: Pray for the Church around the world, for missionaries, for the extending of God’s Kingdom.

Saturday: Pray for PCPC, for the pastors and elders, for the deacons and staff members. Pray for those who are sick and in need of care. Pray for the worship which is going to take place on Sunday morning.