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Week 5: Evangelism and worship

Audio Download, Matt Fray

Week 4: What does conversion look like?

Part 1 Audio Download, Andrew Bronson
Part 2: Processing and Practice, Bryan Varenkamp
Week 4 Devotional

Week 3: Your “Story of Rescue”

Audio Download, Mark Davis
Week 3 Devotional

Week 2: Jesus’ Incarnation and Cross-Cultural Evangelism

Part 1 Audio Download Chris Morrison, RUF-International Campus Minister at SMU

Part 2, Breakout sessions with “cultural interpreters”:
Workplace, International Student, Hispanic, Urban

Week 2 Devotional

Week 1: The Story of Scripture

Mark Fulmer & Chad Scruggs

Part 1 Audio Download Mark Fulmer
Part 2 Audio Download Chad Scruggs
Week 1 Devotionals

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