Park Cities Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Dallas, TX

Saturday, February 4

Saturday Morning Keynote

Speaker: Douglas McKelvey

Saturday Morning Breakout Sessions

The Work of the People: Daily Life as Divine Conversation
In this interactive session, “Every Moment Holy” author Douglas McKelvey will lead participants through a series of exercises aimed at crafting a personal prayer—one that might serve to refocus the petitioner on the faithful stewarding of their gifts.

This breakout session included content for an upcoming publication, so we are not able to make it available online.

Leader: Douglas McKelvey
Location: The Chapel (Level One)

The Gift of Prayer for Anxious Hearts
We live in a world of increasing anxiety, and many of us are struggling to find tools to cope with it. Join counselor Pat Hobin he explores how God has designed prayer to be an indispensable tool for soothing our anxious hearts and entrusting all things to God’s perfect care.

Leader: Pat Hobin, Director of Care and Counseling
Location: Mezzanine A (Level Two)

Prayer is Mission
When we pray, we are mysteriously and directly engaging in God’s mission. We will touch on the biblical basis of the “prayer warrior” concept, highlight areas in the world that most need intercession, and provide fresh ideas for habits and practices that keep you awake and engaged in prayer.

Leader: Jerry Gibson, Ruling Elder and Central Hub Director at Mission to the World (MTW)
Location: Mezzanine B (Level Two)

Praying in Solitude and through Journaling
Join our Senior Pastor Mark Davis as he helps us reflect on the important biblical pattern of praying in silence and in solitude. He’ll also discuss how the practice of journaling can be a helpful way to focus on, remember, and recount God’s answers to our prayers.

Leader: Mark Davis, Senior Pastor
Location: Cambridge Hall (Level Two)

Prayer Walk
Join home church City Missionary, Annie Roberson, as she leads us through a prayer walk experience in the neighborhood surrounding our church. The practice of a prayer walk allows us to be physically present in our neighborhood as we pray for the Lord to use us there. Annie has been doing this in West Dallas for decades and will be helping us to consider how to do this in the Oak Lawn neighborhood as well as the places we live. We will meet at the fireplace in the Grand Hall and then go walk and pray!

Leaders: Annie Robertson, Home Church Missionary, and Anita Munoz, Coordinator for City Missions
Location: Grand Hall Fireplace (Level One)

Prayer in the Family: Praying With and For Your Children At a child’s baptism, parents take a vow to pray with and for their child, but for many of us, this isn’t as easy as it seems! If you’ve ever wondered how to better lead your family in prayer and how to teach your children to pray, come hear from several seasoned PCPC parents: Jay and Nancy Turner, John and Laurie Harper, Steve and Stephanie Greenwell, and Becky Ellerman. Each will encourage you by sharing their own practices in prayer (successes and failures!) throughout the various seasons of life while raising their children. There will be Q&A at the end so bring your most challenging questions!

Leader: Katherine Steinbrueck, Senior Director of Family Ministries
Location: The Loft (Level Two)

Evensong: Songs, Stories, and Supplications

The practice of closing the day in prayer is one that has a long history among Christians. Using the Bible’s story of redemptive history as the framework for our prayers, we will praise our Creator, lament our Fall, rejoice in the Redemption accomplished by Jesus Christ, and long for the Consummation to come. May we close this day grateful for what God has done, hopeful for what He has promised, and eager to return tomorrow on the Lord’s Day to worship Him together. Join us for this beautiful service on Saturday evening at 6:00 p.m.

From the Evensong Service, reflection on Revelation 21:1-5 by Chad Scruggs


Sunday, February 5

Morning Worship with Fernando Ortega, Chad Scruggs, and Douglas McKelvey in the PCPC Sanctuary (9:30 and 11:00 a.m.)

Evening Worship with Fernando Ortega, Chad Scruggs, and Douglas McKelvey in the PCPC Sanctuary (6:00 p.m.)