Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to be a member of PCPC to be married in the church?
    Our church policy is to invite PCPC members and their children to have a wedding ceremony at PCPC. PCPC also invites grandchildren (of PCPC members) and couples in a PCPC ministry and/or PCPC church related situation, including other PCA churches. However, the planning time may be limited. For more detail, please contact the PCPC Wedding Coordinator.
  2. How do I become a member of PCPC?
    By attending the New Members Class, and being approved for membership after an interview with an elder, you could become a member of PCPC. Please go to the New Members Class page to sign-up for the next New Members Class.
  3. What do I need to do to reserve a date for a wedding?
    The first step is to review our website information. Next, fill out the Marriage Forms (“Marriage Forms” section, 3 pages) from the website and scan and email or fax them in. When we receive your completed paperwork, we will call you to discuss your preference for a wedding date and will be able to pencil in a “tentative” date for you and will send your request to the church calendar coordinator. There is a three-day turn around average before we find out if the date is possible, and we will call you as soon as we hear from the church calendar coordinator. You may “pencil in” only one tentative date at a time.
  4. Is my wedding “official” once I have penciled in a tentative date?
    No. The next step after having your tentative date penciled in on the calendar is to meet with your PCPC minister for approval. Until you have met with and have the minister’s approval for marriage and sent a deposit of $250.00 to the PCPC Wedding Coordinator, you may not act on your date. Once you are approved by him, the PCPC Wedding Coordinator will call you to confirm your wedding date and to schedule your first appointment.
  5. Is the church available for wedding receptions?
    Yes. Fellowship Hall is available for wedding receptions and may be reserved for your reception after your wedding date has been confirmed. All reception arrangements must first be approved through the PCPC Wedding Coordinator.
  6. What music selections are available for my wedding ceremony?
    There are some selections and guidelines that can be found in the “Music” section online. The Worship and Arts Ministry will help you select music and must approve any and all music selections.
  7. Is there any pre-marital counseling available?
    Yes. UNION is a weekend course offered twice a year. Couples being married either at PCPC or by one of our ministers at another location are required to attend all classes in the series. This class covers such issues as the biblical foundation for marriage, finances, goals and values, communication, conflict and physical intimacy. The required fee is $60 per couple which includes all materials, including a special dinner on the final night.

If you have any questions about weddings at PCPC, please contact the PCPC Wedding Coordinator, Candie Carver.