Counseling Appointment


Preliminary Counseling Appointment with Minister

The ministers and Session of Park Cities Presbyterian Church feel that marrying a couple is much more than performing the ceremony. They believe strongly that you should have every opportunity to be prepared for a Christ-centered and biblically grounded marriage, one which has all the potential of being everything our Lord intends marriage to be.

For these reasons we ask that you give careful attention to this material. We also request that you allow sufficient time prior to your marriage for the premarital process which we believe is important.

Once the PCPC Wedding Coordinator receives your completed forms, she will call you to discuss your preferred wedding date (and will “pencil in” a date for you on the PCPC calendar). She will also forward a copy of your paperwork to the minister that you have requested (you will be notified to contact his assistant for an appointment). He will want to meet with both of you at this time. This is an opportunity for you to become better acquainted with the minister and him with you. PCPC’s ministers will agree to marry you only after the completion of this introductory session. This meeting is also necessary to receive approval for using an outside minister.

Please do not finalize your wedding date until you have had this preliminary counseling appointment.

Our ministers may not perform ceremonies for couples when one is a Christian and the other is not. In addition, our ministers can only marry a divorced person in the event that the divorce was for biblical reasons. If either of you has been divorced, the minister will want to visit with you during the initial appointment regarding the circumstances involved.

Our church also takes seriously God’s Word in Hebrews 13:4, which states, “Marriage is to be held in honor among all, and the marriage bed is to be undefiled.” For this reason, we will not marry a couple who is living together and who is not willing to turn from this, move apart from each other and abstain from all sexual relations until their wedding date.