Ceremony Preparation


Preparation for Your Wedding Ceremony

After you have filled out and returned the “Marriage Forms,” met with the minister whom you desire to perform the PCPC wedding ceremony, confirmed the date with him and mailed in your $250.00 deposit to the PCPC Wedding Coordinator, she will contact you to discuss the many details of your wedding, including flowers, music, attire, and wedding etiquette. The PCPC Wedding Coordinator must approve the photographer, videographer and florist. Signed policy agreements must be on file in her office one month prior to the wedding.

The Marriage License

You will need to obtain your marriage license and present it to the minister just prior to the rehearsal. In Dallas, both bride and groom must appear at the Dallas County Clerk’s office and both present proper identification (a valid driver’s license, passport, birth certificate or military identification) and must also provide their social security numbers and $71.00 (payable in cash only). There is a legally required 72-hour waiting period between the issuance of a license and the wedding, and the wedding is to be within 30 days. For details, call 214-653-7559.

There are three Dallas offices:

  1. Downtown Records Building at 501 Main Street, Dallas, TX (map)

  2. 10056 Marsh Lane, Suite 137, Dallas, TX (map)

  3. 3443 St. Francis, Dallas, TX (map)

They are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Wedding Attire

In keeping with our belief at PCPC that the celebration of marriage is a service of worship, we require that the Bride and her attendants be dressed modestly. This means no plunging necklines or excessively bare dresses.

Rehearsal Attire

Modest clothing is also required at the wedding rehearsal. We understand that casual rehearsal dinners often follow the rehearsal, but tank tops, short-shorts, etc. are not acceptable attire for the Sanctuary or Chapel. We also ask the gentlemen to please remove hats while in the Sanctuary or Chapel. Please give these guidelines to all your wedding party.

The Program

Whether or not a formal program is printed, the officiating minister must approve the final Order of Service. Your Order of Service will include scripture readings, music and the homily. Prior to this final approval, all details should be completed with the PCPC Wedding Coordinator and the Organist. To respect the fact that your ceremony is a service of worship, please communicate the following suggestion to your bridal party and guests, and/or include this in your printed wedding program: “Please have all communication devices in silent mode. Also, please refrain from flash photography, videography and/or texting during the ceremony. Thank you.”

The Music

The PCPC Wedding Coordinator will direct you in contacting the Organist/Director of Music following your first wedding consultation with her. The Organist/Director of Music will discuss and approve all music selections with you, including vocalists and instrumentalists, and will advise you of their professional fees. No musical decisions should be made prior to a consultation with him. Once the musician(s) have been hired, you will be responsible for paying the musician(s) the day of the wedding, regardless of whether or not you use them. A down payment may be required at the time of hiring. The Organist/Director of Music will play or provide an organist for all weddings unless other arrangements have been pre-approved and made through him.

Sexton (Custodian)

The church sexton is required to open and close the church building for the rehearsal and wedding ceremony and to assist with the needs pertaining to the facility. The sexton is not responsible for setting up or removing floral or catering equipment. Any cleaning which needs to be done after floral or catering items are in place is the responsibility of the florist or caterer you have contracted.


Sound equipment and a sound technician are provided by the church to properly place microphones. The PCPC church policy requires that the system be operated by a sound technician in the church’s employ. The sound technician will provide you with a complimentary audio of your wedding ceremony.

Conduct and Safety

Alcoholic beverages and drugs of any kind are forbidden anywhere on the PCPC premises. This restriction includes the parking lots and dressing rooms. In addition, our pastors request that no one in the wedding party consume any alcoholic beverages or drugs of any kind for twelve hours prior to both the rehearsal and the wedding service. Tobacco of any kind is not permitted in the church building. For security and safety purposes, no carpet cover or runner may be used for the center aisle in either the Sanctuary or the Chapel. Rice, birdseed, confetti, potpourri, rose petals**, sparklers, or bubbles may not be thrown or used anywhere on the PCPC premises.

**Please see florist policy.

Responsibility for Safekeeping Personal Items

Every possible effort will be made to protect personal items such as wedding dresses, purses, and silver to be used for receptions, etc. However, the church cannot be responsible for such items if lost, stolen or damaged. It is imperative that money, jewelry and other valuables not be left unattended in the bride’s room, but be entrusted to a reliable person of the family’s choice, or preferably not be brought into the church at all. Members of the church staff are not permitted to sign for items. It is imperative that no** flowers, food, etc. be brought or delivered to the church prior to three hours before the wedding. However, dresses and bridesmaid dresses may be delivered the day of the wedding (three hours prior to the wedding), or the Friday before the wedding, between the office hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. Please make dress delivery arrangements with the PCPC Wedding Coordinator.

**Please see florist policy