Who Can Heal You?

from the series Holy Week 2017: A Voice of Lamentation

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  • By:
    Colin Peters
    Lamentations 2:8-13
    Lamentations 2:8-13
  • Lamentations 2:8-13

    8The Lord determined to lay in ruinsthe wall of the daughter of Zion;he stretched out the measuring line;he did not restrain his hand from destroying;he caused rampart and wall to lament;they languished together.

    9Her gates have sunk into the ground;he has ruined and broken her bars;her king and princes are among the nations;the law is no more,and her prophets findno vision from the Lord.

    10The elders of the daughter of Zionsit on the ground in silence;they have thrown dust on their headsand put on sackcloth;the young women of Jerusalemhave bowed their heads to the ground.

    11My eyes are spent with weeping;my stomach churns;my bile is poured out to the groundbecause of the destruction of the daughter of my people,because infants and babies faintin the streets of the city.

    12They cry to their mothers,"Where is bread and wine?"as they faint like a wounded manin the streets of the city,as their life is poured outon their mothers' bosom.

    13What can I say for you, to what compare you,O daughter of Jerusalem?What can I liken to you, that I may comfort you,O virgin daughter of Zion?For your ruin is vast as the sea;who can heal you?