Aging with Grace 2016

September 25Elder AbuseJulie Krawczyk (MAM/Director, Elder Financial Safety Center)Audio (MP3)
October 2Finding That Right PlacePaul Markowitz (Senior Living Specialist)Audio (MP3)
October 9Before Birth and After Earth - God’s Big PlanDr. Pete DeisonAudio (MP3)
October 16Reminiscing… Stars and ScarsDr. Lee Jagers, PHD, LPCAudio (MP3)

Summer Bible Conference 2016

07/07Session OneRon WilliamsNo Audio Available
07/14Session Two: Baptism (Leviticus 14)Ron WilliamsAudio (MP3)
07/21Session Three: The Lord’s Supper (1 Corinthians 11:17-33)Ron WilliamsAudio (MP3)
07/28Session Four: Summary and Q&A (Exodus 12)Ron WilliamsAudio (MP3)

Summer Bible Conference 2015

07/09Session OneRon WilliamsAudio (MP3)
07/16Session TwoRon WilliamsAudio (MP3)
07/23Session ThreeRon WilliamsAudio (MP3)
07/30Session FourRon WilliamsAudio (MP3)

Aging with Grace 2014

January 19Aging and the BibleRon WilliamsAudio (MP3)
February 2Cancer: When the Biopsy is BadDr. Mark FulmerAudio (MP3)
February 9How to Minister to a Family in CrisisDr. Mark FulmerAudio (MP3)
February 16Heading Off Heart ProblemsDr. John HarperAudio (MP3)
February 23Wills and Other Important DocumentsBob GuessAudio (MP3)
March 2Dementia and Alzheimer’sDr. Frank WebsterAudio (MP3)


CASA (Christian Association of Senior Adult Ministries) / Ph. 888-200-8552

Significant Living / Ph. 800-443-0227

Total Living Network (TLN) / Ph. 630-801-3838

Ron’s Library

Learning to Grow Old by Paul Tournier

Keep the Fire by Don Anderson

Catch the Wave by Wyn/Charles Arn

Graying of the Flock by James Knapp

Finishing Well to the Glory of God - Strategies from a Christian Physician by John Dunlap, MD