Nursery Ministry


Welcome to the Nursery Ministry!

The Nursery ministry exists to extend the transforming presence of Jesus Christ to the covenant babies and toddlers of PCPC. By providing a safe, loving environment and introducing the children to worship and biblical instruction, we come alongside parents to help them prepare their children for a lifetime of knowing Christ and making Him known.

Nursery is a ministry for children birth up to children turning 2 after September 1.

One of our goals in the Nursery Ministry is to introduce the transforming presence of Jesus Christ to the babies in our care. How do you think we do that?

“Our son loves going to the nursery on Sunday mornings. He begins to get excited in the car when he realizes that he is going to church and sprints into class when he arrives. As a result of his time there, he is now able to recite John 3:16, especially the end, shouting “˜eternal life’ and throwing his hands up in the air!” — Geoff Ziegler, nursery parent

“Through the curriculum, we introduce the children to the transforming presence of Jesus Christ by letting them know that they are loved just as Jesus loved the little ones.” — Susan & Bryan Keyes, room leaders-12 years

Another goal in the Nursery Ministry is to come alongside parents to help them equip their children to love Christ and His church. How do you think we do that?

“As Room Leaders, we do our best to speak to all of the parents when they come to pick up their little ones. We want to encourage them with stories of how their child engaged in the lesson, music, or story time we had. Parents have often told us that because this ministry has come alongside their family in this way, the word ‘Bible’ is among the first words their baby learns to say.” — Suzy Mighell, nursery room leader (12 years)

“We believe God’s Word is “˜absolutely true!’ Even this simple idea is something that has been reinforced in the minds of our sons while in the PCPC nursery. They have also learned to recite John 3:16. We are excited God’s Word is already being planted in their hearts.” — Aaron and Katherine Holmes, nursery parents

Through our lessons, music time, and even just interaction with nursery workers, we are striving to be intentional about introducing the children in our care to worship and biblical instruction. How do you think we do that?

“When I am in the nursery holding and rocking a child, I pray for them silently. I pray for their salvation, for their parents, and any scripture that comes to mind. A common one is, that the child will “˜grow in wisdom and stature, and in favor of God and man,’ from Luke 2:52.” — Betsy Newman, monthly infant nursery volunteer

“It’s always fun to see the reaction of a new volunteer to our little 18-month-old children sitting, listening, learning and worshiping! Most people have never considered the possibility of teaching Bible truths in the nursery.” — Bonnie Shaw, room leader (9 years)

Why is the PCPC Nursery Unique?

“We think PCPC Nursery is unique in that we have a wonderful, Christ-centered curriculum that keeps a 20 month old child seated at a table with 5 to 17 other children for 25 minutes. We have monthly and weekly volunteers that are dedicated to this ministry, praying for and loving these children week after week.” — Steve & Sandie Woods: room leaders (12 years)

“The PCPC nursery offers consistency in volunteers, scheduled activities and definite teaching. As a room leader, I am so blessed to serve these precious members of our body by greeting them with the same face every week, watching them thrive in the structure of the morning and training them in the simplest of God’s truths.” — Bonnie Shaw: room leader (9 years)

“The PCPC Nursery is unique because of the commitment of so many members of our church who serve on a regular basis in the classrooms. The children have consistent teachers they can count on seeing each Sunday. This helps them feel comfortable separating from mom and dad. Parents feel comfortable leaving their children with a familiar face they know loves and has a relationship with their child.” — Waverly & McCord Wilson: room leaders (2 years)/coordinators (3 years)

For more information about the Nursery Ministry, contact Gale Emerson, Ministry Leader for Nursery at [email protected] or 214-224-2566.