Elementary Ministry

PCPC Kidz Elementary

The Elementary ministry serves the 1st-4th Graders during the 9:30 and 11:00 hours on Sunday mornings. With a dynamic group of volunteers, 1st-4th Graders are invited to participate in Bible Explorers during the 9:30 hour. Bible Explorers is our fun, intentional program to prepare kids for corporate worship through participating in a kid-friendly version while at the same time learning stories from the entire Bible.

The 11:00 hour, Kids Court, focuses more on a large group/small group format that is divided by grade and gender. Our committed leaders use an in-house curriculum based on the Catherine Vos Children’s Story Bible, which is intended to focus on heart change in both the leader and the child through the modeling, learning, and application of prayer and scripture in a more relational, discussion-oriented format.

We are very thankful that God has called you to be a part of our children’s ministry. We look forward to you being an integral part of the expansion of his kingdom both to Dallas and to the world. Extending his kingdom begins inside our own church body with our covenant children. We want you to assist in making these children long to worship God together, eager to know and live the Word of God, commit to pray boldly and dependently, to be ready to tell their story of rescue, and to act to change the world. This process begins here within the PCPC Children’s ministry and continues in the home.

For more information about the Elementary Ministry, contact Matthew Statham at [email protected] or 214-224-2545.