Park Cities Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Dallas, TX

WinterGrace 2024

Andrew Peterson and Kevin DeYoung

WinterGrace 2024

Saturday Morning Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are now online. Please click the title to listen.

10:00 a.m.

Suffering and the Triune God (The Loft - Level Two)
Paul Goebel, Associate Pastor
How do the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit each play a crucial role in our experience of suffering? Join us as we see how these deep theological truths give practical help to those who suffer.

Sketching as an Exercise in Empathy (Cambridge Hall - Level Two)
Stephen Crotts, Artist and Illustrator
How can habits of observation and artistic creativity be stewarded to see and walk with those who are suffering and reflect the promise of God’s grace? As an accomplished wood-block artist and sought-after illustrator, special guest Stephen Crotts will share insights about communicating the good, the true, and the beautiful grace of God through visual art.

Stewarding Your Whole Self in Suffering (Mezzanine A - Level Two)
Andrea Kim, Psychiatrist
Why is it important to care for your whole self (body, mind, and spirit) in the midst of suffering? Join us to learn how biblical principles and mental health insights guide us towards self-care that helps us walk with God through suffering and equips you to serve others who are suffering.

Suffering in the City (Mezzanine B - Level Two)
Ed Franklin, President and CEO of Voice of Hope
What are some of the ways that our neighbors in our city are suffering, and how are we as God’s people called to love them? Join special guest Ed Franklin as he helps us see and respond to those suffering in our city.

How our Teenagers are Suffering (Kids Court - Level Two)
Will Washington, Director of Youth Ministry
What are some of the particular ways teenagers are suffering today? How can we as parents, grandparents, and an extended church family speak into this suffering with both truth and love?

11:00 a.m.

God’s Grace in Dark Nights (The Loft - Level Two)
Mark Davis, Senior Pastor
Is God’s grace bright enough to penetrate the dark nights of depression and suicide? Join us as we consider how God’s grace can give hope to those who are suffering with these extremely difficult realities.

Songs of Suffering (Cambridge Hall - Level Two)
Nathan Davy, Associate Director of Music and Arts
Have you ever noticed that some of the most profound and beloved hymns of the Christian Church focus on suffering? Join us as we explore and sing several of these songs of suffering together.

Comfort in Our Suffering (Mezzanine A - Level Two)
Pat Hobin, Director of Care and Counseling
When we are suffering, most of us just want it to end. Join us for a deeper look at how God’s grace can give us comfort in the midst of our suffering, and how that comfort is valuable at many levels even if our suffering does not end.

Suffering in the World (Mezzanine B - Level Two)
Hannah Nation, Co-founder and Managing Director of Center for House Church Theology
How are God’s people suffering in our world today? How can we, as the Global Church, partner with and learn from our brothers and sisters who are being persecuted for their faith. Special guest, Hannah Nation, will share about the current persecution in China and how we can engage with it.

Praying through Suffering with Our Elders (Kids Court - Level Two)
David Newman, Ruling Elder
Why does God call us to bring our needs to our elders, and what is the significance of anointing with oil? Join us as we consider what God’s Word has to say about elder-led prayer and hear about our elders' desire for our church to be faithful to this.

Sunday Sermons

WinterGrace sermons from Kevin DeYoung are now online. Please click the title to listen.

No Place Like Home
Sunday Morning

The Generations of Adam and the Grace of God
Sunday Evening

Date & Time

February 3–4


PCPC Sanctuary
4124 Oak Lawn Ave
Dallas, TX 75219


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