Giving - World Ministries



PCPC encourages all members to contribute to the general fund through regular giving. The World Missions budget comes from the faithful giving of our congregation through PCPC’s unified budget. By giving heartily to PCPC, not only do you invest in world missions, but you also invest in local missions and all ministries of the church.

If you wish to encourage World missions further by supporting PCPC short-term teams or other approved projects and efforts, we ask that all gifts be over and above your normal giving to the church.

Home-Church Missionaries

We have plenty of missionaries who are still working hard to not only serve cross-culturally, but also to raise financial support to live and carry out the work. Giving to these missionaries helps unify this local body of believers as we, PCPC, seek to serve one another and the world. Look for these missionaries in your Sunday Morning Communities and take the initiative to ask them what their financial needs are. More often than not, our missionaries continue to need your generous support.

The World Missions staff would be glad to help match you with some of our missionaries who need support. For more information, please contact Jerry Gibson, Director of World Missions, at 214-224-2525.