Business as Mission in India

With 1.6 billion people and a 90% literacy rate, India is a nation that holds tremendous potential for Business as Mission efforts. In the fall of 2015 we plan to take our first steps to engage with Regent University’s Business Development Center (BDC) in Bangalore, India. The BDC provides structured, multi-week courses, mentoring and networking for Christian and non-Christian entrepreneurs who are looking to start or grow their small to mid-sized businesses. PCPC members would be Visiting Executives for one week and would teach their area of expertise, such as marketing, accounting, IT or other specialties from a gospel-based, Christian world view, as they both disciple believers and witness to non-Christians.

The opportunity to extend Christ’s kingdom in India through its next generation of business entrepreneurs and business leaders by reaching them today with the gospel is extraordinary. With a Christian population of only 2.5% and a poverty rate nearing 30%, the Business as Mission initiative, and specifically the BDC’s graduates, could significantly improve the welfare of millions of India’s people and change their lives eternally with the good news of their savior.

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