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Kurt and Pat Nelson

Kurt and Pat Nelson

U.S. Based

Sending Agency:
East West Ministries International

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Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for all of our family as we grieve the passing of our eldest daughter, Tiffany, on March 8. Pray for her four sons (ages 18, 14, 10, and 8).
  • Please pray for God’s protection and prosperity in our marriage. This year will mark our 34th anniversary!
  • Please pray for deep healing for significant trauma experienced by one of our other daughters.  
  • Please pray for the Lord of the harvest to continue to raise up anointed young servant missionary leaders to lead the growth and expansion of God’s Kingdom through East-West.
  • Please pray for spiritual protection and power for our 330 staff and 14,500 national partners in 59 spiritually dark nations as together we seek to carry the Gospel and establish the Church of Jesus Christ where it has not existed for 2,000 years!