Thao Project


Countries Covered:
Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Thailand

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PCPC members first became involved with the people of Laos over 25 years ago (before PCPC even existed), by ministering to Laotian refugees in Dallas, in the aftermath of the communist takeover of Laos. A small congregation known as the Lao Presbyterian Fellowship (LPF) grew out of this ministry and to this day meets in PCPC’s Chapel every Sunday morning to worship Jesus. With the LPF meeting on campus, PCPC began to investigate how to reach Lao with the gospel. The THAO Project—with a goal of reaching the predominantly Buddhist countires of Laos and Thailand—officially began in 1998 and is the most complex World 50 Project. The mother church was intentionally planted across the border from the capital of Laos.

Gennesaret Church

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PCPC planted and assisted in building this cornerstone church for the THAO Project in Nong Khai, Thailand, which serves as a major ministry hub for Southeast Asia. What was once a small congregation meeting under a thatch roof with no walls is now a 200 member church in an area of Thailand that has no evangelical church. All of the members of Gennesaret Church are newly-baptized adult converts.

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Through this church, the following ministries have been started or are planned for the future:

Gennesaret Medical Clinic

75% of the members of Gennesaret Church have come through the ministry of the medical clinic.

Radio Ministry

Radio Ministry—the first official component of the THAO Project—is broadcasting to both Thai and Lao people.

Compassion International Children’s Ministry

(information to be posted soon)

Two daughter churches

(information to be posted soon)

Eight house churches

(information to be posted soon)

Providence School

Providence School was established in 2003 to help meet the educational and spiritual needs of children in Vientiane, the capital of Laos. The school has grown to over 230 students, pre-K through 5th grade.

Bible Training Center for Leaders

Bible Training Center for Leaders throughout Southeast Asia (future development).