Church Planting

Global Strategy

The planting of churches is the means by which the Nations (“peoples”) are evangelized and discipled. In 1997, PCPC adopted a plan to plant 50 churches in the U.S. and 50 churches overseas by the year 2020 called 2020 Vision. PCPC’s overseas church plants take place through the World 50 plan. This plan primarily targets the 10/40 Window countries, but research also takes into consideration other PCPC areas of emphasis, Unreached People Groups, opportunity for short-term teams, and percentage of evangelicals in a population.

The thrust is evangelistic, reforming the culture as people’s lives are transformed by the power of the Gospel. We will multiply effectiveness through strategic alliances with like-minded partners (primarily the PCA’s Mission to the World) in order to maximize church planting on a larger scale. The result will be churches that are self-propagating, self-supporting, self-governing, and living out their theology in daily life.