Apartment Life


Uptown Outreach: Apartment Life

What is Apartment Life?

Apartment Life is a faith-based non-profit organization dedicated to helping apartment owners create community by attracting and retaining residents. This is accomplished by placing a CARES Team (a married couple/ family or two single adults) to live onsite to assist management in building community and serving residents. CARES Teams recognize that residents want more than just a place to live - they want a community of friends, a place to belong, and a caring touch. CARES Teams are neighbors who make an apartment a home!.

What is a CARES Team?

The CARES Team (two single adults or a married couple/family) lives rent free while doing things that naturally flow from the Christian life: welcoming new residents, connecting with people through apartment-wide events, and caring for the staff and residents.


Apartment Life has partnered with PCPC and we are looking for members of PCPC who are ready to build community and transform lives. Our desire is to see a community effort to volunteer, pray, and encourage CARES Teams. There are 29 teams currently serving in Uptown and Downtown; six of those teams are from PCPC. Each one needs our encouragement!

More information:

Visit www.apartmentlife.org to find out more information and fill out a quick application.

Contact Sarah Morrison at [email protected] for more information about becoming a CARES Team or how to get involved with Apartment Life.

Get Involved:

Each of these CARES teams would love for you to partner with them as they love their neighbors. You can do this by volunteering at their events, praying for them, providing goods and services, and by simply being available. Please contact the teams directly to find out ways that you can partner with their communities.

Current Teams:

Isaac and Ashley Banegas
Property: Mercantile Place on Main
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 575-202-0004

Titus and Crystal Bagby
Property: Century Medical District
Email: [email protected]

Lawson and Rachel Hopkins
Property: Alara Uptown
Email: [email protected]

Ben and Ann Carolyn Williams
Property: Post Uptown
Email: [email protected]