Meadowstone Place

10410 Stone Canyon Rd. 75230

Monticello West

5114 McKinney Ave 75205
John Monroe

Whiterock Court

9215 Whiterock Trl. 75238


8523 Thackery 75225
Ron Williams

Caruth Haven

5585 Caruth Haven 75225
Ron Williams

Belmont Village Senior Living

3535 N. Hall St 75219
Ron Williams

Service Opportunites

Helping Hands

This is an opportunity for able bodied folk to assist those who may not be and who need help around their home with lawn, repairs, chores, etc. It is a great ministry to elderly and to single moms. Call Wilma Morgan for more information at 214-224-2742.

Homebound Visitation

Some of our folk are home bound or in nursing homes. Would you like to make a commitment to reach out to one of these dear ones? You can be a much needed friend and encouragement. If you are available about two hours a month this is a perfect opportunity for you. It’s very low preassure and you may visit as often as you have time for or the minimum we request, which is once a month. Call Jane Beasley at 214-224-2771 or Diane Steele at 214-522-8659 for more information.