Online Giving at PCPC

A statement from the Session concerning online giving at PCPC

Online Giving is now available at PCPC

You may now give your tithes and offerings online. As financial practices continue to change, the finance committee, diaconate, and session gave careful consideration to making the convenience of online giving available.

Giving our tithes and offerings is an important and essential act of worship. Being careful not to compromise our attitude and motivation for our giving, the session has provided the following statement:

From the earliest of biblical times tithes and offerings have been offered unto God. While the sincere giver’s intent has not changed there has been an evolution in the combined forms that these tithes and offerings have taken from crops and livestock, to metal coins, and then paper money, to modern-day checks, and presently to electronic money transfer.

The growing acceptance of electronic money transfer by which one can return a portion of God’s material blessing to the furthering of His Kingdom here on earth offers recognizable benefits: increased consistency in giving, efficiencies in support to missions, and more immediacy in fund flows. It also complements our efforts to use electronic communication in its various forms to further our church mission.

While the advantages to electronic giving are evident, the session is charged with the responsibility of the spiritual oversight of our PCPC family and to carefully weigh the spiritual impact of any new initiatives. To that end, we hold that the giving of tithes and offerings is a form of personal worship and that we do not wish that any who choose to give in this manner are, by its mechanical nature, enticed into having their heart for worship diminished, nor be tempted to give with borrowed money. Indeed, electronic money transfer can and should be viewed as a blessing to furthering the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, provided our hearts are not detached from being thoughtfully and deliberately mindful of His blessings on regular basis.

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