MidWeek Fall 2017

Feed the body. Feed the soul.

Midweek Fall 2017

MidWeek is an opportunity to rest from your usual weeknight routine, and to join our church family for a refreshing evening of worship, fellowship, and learning. Join us for our Vespers worship service in the Chapel, a delicious dinner in the Fellowship Hall, and classes, choirs, and activities for all ages.

September 13 – November 15, 2017




4:15 pm: Children’s Choirs begin
5:30 pm: Vespers and Dinner begin
6:45 pm: Classes begin


5:30–6:00 pm, Chapel

Worship is the foundation of who we are and what we do as Christians, so begin the evening by worshipping together at Vespers. This short service includes hymns, prayers, a short sermon, and the Lord’s Supper.


5:30-6:45 pm, Fellowship Hall

Visit the Midweek page


Quick and easy registration and payment online... will be available in the FALL.


Reservation Line: 214-224-2826

Enjoy dinner with your church family! MIDWEEK Dinner is a great chance to gather as a group or to meet new friends! Moms and Dads, bring the whole family for a delicious meal at a very reasonable price: $8 for adults (Age 11+), $4 for children (Ages 6-10), and FREE for young children (Ages 5 and under). Take-Out meals are available. Please make reservations by 4:00 pm on Monday before the meal by registering online or by using reservation line (see above).



6:20 – 8:30 pm

FALL Childcare Online Registration will be available soon. For room assignments, please check in at the Red Desk in the nursery hallway. For cancellations, please email [email protected]

Contact: Midge Hoerl, 214-224-2538


7:00 – 9:00 pm, Room 300

Join the Chancel Choir for rehearsal on Wednesday evenings. As always, new members are welcome to join. The choir is an eclectic group skill-wise; a proficient musical background is not required, but do bring a passion for listening, learning, and leading.

Contact: Margaret Doria, 214-224-2638
[email protected]


4:15-7:45 pm (details below), Room 301

God’s Word is planted deeply in hearts and minds through singing His Word. Join us as we learn to sing with understanding, develop music reading skills, and prepare to participate in corporate worship services. All are joyfully welcome!

Carol Choir (grades K-1) / 4:15-4:45 pm
Carol Choir enrollment limited: Pre-registration required

Chapel Choir (grades 2 – 4) / 5:00-6:00 pm

Covenant Choir (grades 5 – 8) / 6:45-7:45 pm

Contact and pre-registration: Lynda Fray 214-224-2636, [email protected]


The Point

6:45–8:30 pm

Room: The Hangout (Oak Lawn East)

THE POINT is a weekly gathering of fifth-eighth graders that includes fun games, fellowship, and small group study.

Teacher: Will Washington

Contact: Youth Coordinator 214-224-2762, [email protected]



Ninth-twelfth graders meet throughout the week at different homes in the area.

Contact: Youth Coordinator 214-224-2762, [email protected]

THE CALL (9/13-11/15)

6:45–8:30 pm, Room 122

Men are invited to study Exodus, using the book; Exodus – Learning to Trust God. Trust sounds simple, right? You know it is often very, very difficult to trust God with the things that matter most to you – money, career, marriage, health. As you study the book of Exodus, you’ll see that Israel faced similar struggles to trust God completely. In this story of hardship and hope, you’ll discover along with Israel that God – and God alone – is worthy of our trust. No registration is required.

Teacher: Pete Deison

Contact: Nancy Ross 214-224-2739, [email protected]

UNION (9/13-11/08)

6:45–8:30 pm, Oak Lawn West

This nine-week marriage class, taught mostly by PCPC pastors and a couple of laymen, covers topics such as The Biblical Meaning of Marriage, Communication, In-Laws, Biblical Roles of Husband and Wife, Money and Stewardship, Expectations, Conflict Management, and Sex. This course is open to engaged, seriously dating, and newly married couples, Non-PCPC members are welcome.

Materials: $50 per couple

Teachers: Pastors and laymen

Contact: Melissa Abston 214-224-2679, [email protected]


REFORMING THE PRESENT: What Does Wittenberg Have to Do with Dallas? (9/13-11/15)

6:45-8:00 pm, Room 302/304

Teacher: Dr. Mark McDowell

This Fall marks the 500th Anniversary of one of the most significant movements in Christianity: The Protestant Reformation. Join Dr. Mark McDowell, the new Executive Director of Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) in Dallas, as we explore how the people, beliefs, and practices of the Reformation continue to shape our lives as Christians in Dallas today. No registration required.

Contact: Jane Beasley 214-224-2771, [email protected]

FOCUS BIBLE STUDY (9/13-11/15)

6:45–8:30 pm, Room 107/109

Knowing God through the Psalms

A Study in Psalms

There is no better place in scripture to experience hope in the midst of the often confusing realities of life than in the Psalms. The psalmists come to God and tell him their story and what they find is that he is the Supreme Listener. In the Psalms, the psalmists are continually telling us who God is and what God has done so that we will know that he is a God who can be trusted with every aspect of our lives. Join us as we are instructed and encouraged by the Bible’s hymnbook.

Women and men will meet separately in small groups before gathering for a group lecture, where Kay, Mark, and Matt will alternate teaching.


Materials: $30/year

Teachers: Kay Gabrysch, Matt Fray, Mark Fulmer

Contact: Dana Turner 214-957-4119, [email protected]

DIVORCECARE (9/13-12/13)

6:45–8:30 pm, Room 305

Divorce and separation are such painful experiences, and God has called PCPC to provide a place to share and receive support for those suffering. If you or someone you know is going through the pain of divorce or separation and would like more information about DivorceCare, go to pcpc.org/counseling/support-groups.

Materials: $25 per semester (scholarships are available)

Leaders: Jim and Patty Moody

Contact: Jane Beasley 214-224-2771
[email protected]


6:45–8:30 pm

This group is for men who are seeking to address personal recovery issues with the foundation of Scripture and the help of Christian community. Meetings include prayer, a twelve-step overview, and sharing time. If you would like to visit or join this group, please email [email protected] before your first meeting.

Contact: [email protected]

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