Sunday Morning Communities

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Sunday Morning Communities are PCPC’s primary platform of ministry and the avenue for finding community and fellowship within our large church family. Lists of classes, room numbers, and times can be found in the literature racks located throughout the church. For more information on our classes or help in finding one that is a good fit for you, contact Elaine Montague at 214-224-2736.


Young Adults & Young Families

  • DOULOS,11:00 am, Singles, 20s & 30s, Jeff Wilson, John Paul Schulze,Room 301
  • NEW CITY,11:00 am, Singles and starter families, Paul Goebel,Room 302/304
  • KALEO,11:00 am , Singles & Young families, Bill Lamberth,Room 263

Adults & Adult Families

  • GO GROUP,8:00 am, Singles & couples, George Jackson, Room 305
  • BELIEVERS’ FELLOWSHIP,9:30 am, Empty nesters & singles, Pete Deison, David Newman, Chad Scruggs,Oak Lawn West
  • GOOD SHEPHERD’S FELLOWSHIP,9:30 AM Couples, singles, families, Ken Olles,Room 301
  • VERITAS,9:30 am, Couples & singles, Greg Shull, Kirk DeBoer, Justin Fregia,Room 262
  • COVENANT,11:00 am, Empty nesters, singles, Pete Deison, Lee Jagers, Randy Wood,Room 261
  • NEW CREATIONS,11:00 am, Couples & singles, Mark Fulmer, Steve Vanderhill,Room 262
  • SHEPHERDS OF SOULS,11:00 am, Couples & singles, Pat Hobin, Julian Russell,Room 300
  • VINEYARD,11:00 am, Couples and Singles, 30s, 40s and 50s, David Gowdey,Oak Lawn West

Senior Adults

  • KOINONIA,8:30 AM Couples & Singles, Bill Dotson,Room 303
  • GOOD NEWS,9:30 AM, Couples & Singles, Pat Hobin, Ron Williams, Kevin Warstler,Room 263

Special Interest